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Excavator Loading Gravel Truck with soil

MacNutt Enterprises has been providing a broad range of top-quality services and products to farmers, property owners, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts since the 1940s.  

As Vancouver Island's premier supplier of soils and mulches, our mission is to provide high-quality products, professional trucking, and friendly customer service in the most consistent, safe, and efficient manner.

With the most varied choice of products on Vancouver Island, our customers can find everything they need for their gardens, driveways, and other outdoor projects.

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soil delivery

Soil and aggregate delivery within and outside the Greater Victoria Area


Visit our yard to pick up soils, mulches and aggregates

yard waste disposal

We accept and recycle green waste and fill materials

Slinger in lake cowichan

A Slinger delivers materials with precision using the latest in conveyor technology to distribute materials accurately and efficiently.

bin truck

We offer roll-off bins for rental and hot loads. Providing dependable waste management solutions for a variety of materials.

cows in lake cowichan, gravel and animal bedding delivery

A variety of quality fir-based sawdust shaving materials to meet all of  your animal husbandry needs


dump trailer, disposal fees, Victoria,
dump trailer

Disposal fee price update

Effective November 24, 2022

Green waste: minimum $21

Fill/soil waste: minimum $26.25

A note to our valued customers...

After many years of proudly offering the lowest

disposal rates on Vancouver Island, we've made the decision to increase our minimum dump fees, this choice has come after much careful consideration and deliberation. We value your loyalty and appreciate your understanding.

Yard and Garden Waste Drop-off

Weather you are a landscaping team, a disposal company, or a residential home owner doing some gardening, we are happy to accept your yard and garden waste. When visiting our yard for disposal please consider the following; 

  • Our yard is open to the public, all visitors must check in at reception before entering the yard.

  • Please be mindful to not arrive prior to opening time, block intersections and congest corridors with your in vehicle while waiting to access the drop-off

While we are accepting most materials at this time we ask that you consult this list of accepted materials before your visit.





Careful and appropriate invasive plant disposal is very important to help us reduce the further spread of invasive plants.

We will accept some invasive plants for disposal (i.e. blackberries, ivy, broom brush) please always declare what is in your load so we can direct you to the suitable disposal pile.

Drop-Off Tips:

  • Reduce wait times caused by seasonally higher drop-off volume by consolidating your loads and parking in the disposal area in a way that allows other visitors to access the pile quickly and safely.

  • To facilitate lining up safely, please stay in your vehicle until you're next in que for reception.

  • Any mixed loads will either be turned away or subject to a sorting fee - to avoid this please keep all disposal materials separated.

  • stumps/root balls            

  • wood waste(untreated)        

  • small rocks

  • plants 

  • branches

  • fill/sod/soil

  • leaves                                

  •  pine-needles/cones  

  • grass clippings

  • house hold waste/garbage            

  • plastics of any kind        

  • concrete

  • animal waste          

  • asphalt       

  • boulders

  • drywall         

  • metal/rebar       

  • tiles/porcelain

Black Soil

Landscape Materials

MacNutt has been providing a wide variety of soil mixes, mulches, and composts to our local farmers, landscapers and neighbors for over 70 years.

In addition to organic products, we also stock a variety of aggregates and decorative rocks.

It’s easy to pick up anything you’re looking for, and we’re always happy to help.

lawn soil, available in lake cowichan, victoria and nanaimo
Garden Soil, available in nanaimo, victoria and lake cowichan
Screened topsoil, available in lake cowichan, victoria and nanaimo

Lawn Soil

Garden Soil

Screened Top Soil

Professional amended soil blend of sand and garden compost. Ideal for seeding new lawns, laying down sod, and top dressing. This mix holds nutrients and moisture but allows excess water run through. Our soil blends are always thoroughly mixed to ensure balanced NPK ratios and optimum trace mineral levels.

A quality, blend of natural top soil and garden compost. Perfect for new or established gardens. Thoroughly mixed and fully amended, this soil blend has optimum trace mineral levels and NPK ratios. The high organic content and naturally occurring minerals in this blend are best paired with a customized fertilization plan for maximum plant growth.

Naturally loamy Vancouver Island top soil with some added organics. Lightly amended for fertility.

Fully screened to remove rocks, weeds, and other debris. Available for custom mixing or as a stand-alone product.

Fine Dark Bark is available in lake cowichan, victoria and Nanaimo
fine red bark mulch is available in victoria, nanaimo and lake cowichan
medium red bark mulch is available for pick up and delivery in lake cowichan, victoria and Nanaimo

Dark Fine Fir Bark Mulch

Fine Red Fir Bark Mulch

Medium Red Fir Bark Mulch

Screened fir bark mulch used as a decorative ground cover, natural weed barrier, and water-conserving mulch. Rich, nutty brown in colour, fine texture. A premium grade of mulch that gives your landscape a smooth finished appearance with natural colour and contrast.

 A premium-grade fir bark mulch for general mulching and natural weed control. Bold, red landscaping mulch, screened for a fine texture. Provides moisture-holding capacity in the summer and root protection in the cold winter months.

Bark chunks with fines, screened. Covering a larger surface area than traditional shredded mulch, which increases the chances of weed suppression and water to soil retention.

Fish mulch is available in lake cowichan, victoria and nanaimo

Fish Mulch

Decomposed fir bark based mulch with composted fish. Dark colour, fine texture.  Rich in colour and in nutrients while maintaining a neutral pH

cedar chips, available in lake cowichan, victoria and nanaimo

Cedar Wood Chips

A decorative material. Proper cedar wood chip, long lasting. Provides a thick, lush ground cover that reduces weeds, conserves water and beautifully accents gardens

spaghetti hof fuel is available in lake cowichan, victoria and nanaimo

Spaghetti Hog Fuel

An unrefined mix of coarse strips of bark and wood fiber. Commonly used in horse riding grounds, paddocks, and dog runs. It is even used to build temporary roads.

Garden Compost, available in Lake Cowichan, Nanaimo and Victoria

Garden Compost

Sawdust available in Lake Cowichan, Nanaimo and Victoria


Local green waste fully composted and rescreened. 

An all-purpose compost containing natural and organic recycled green waste material.

Highly beneficial for developing good root structure in your plants.

Fir based material for animal bedding or berries. Sustainably sourced from local wood processors. This user-friendly product is very absorbent, and makes an excellent, easy to use, practical bedding.  

Gravel - clear crush

3/4" Clear Crush

Ornamental, packs well, and contains no sand or fines. Clear Crush has a low moisture retention and does not promote weed growth.

gravel, road base, aggregate

3/4" Road Base

Road Base Material also known as road rock, road gravel, aggregate base, AB, asphalt base and 3/4″ minus. By any name it is still a product with a specific size and gradation. A base material primarily used in driveways and pathways.

boulders, rocks

Blasted Rock


Large decorative rock. This is solid rock that has been removed from the bank with explosives. It varies in size.

gravel, aggregate, drain rock, lake cowichan, victoria

Drain Rock

For perimeter drains and landscaping. This round stone is a screened and washed rock. It offers excellent drainage and decorative properties.

Cobble, Gravel, River Rock available in Lake Cowichan, Nanaimo and Victoria for pickup and delivery

River Rock/Cobble

Ornamental, smooth, and round. Dry river bed stones  used for garden boarders, stream beds, pond features, or to fill in large drainage pits. The sizing of this product can vary significantly from load to load.

aggregate, sand

Washed Fill Sand

Concrete Sand, also known as coarse washed sand, is used for mixing concrete. However it can also be used for levelling ground under pavers or flagstone, in a childs sandbox or even in horse shoe pits.

pea gravel made in lake cowichan

1/2" Pea Gravel

Washed, ornamental, natural  rounded stones.  Has an appealing smooth texture caused by natural weathering. Will stay loose underfoot without a base. 

screenings, gravel, lake cowichan

3/8" Screenings

Consisting of 3/8” crushed rock and crusher fines this product will pack up nice and hard and is mainly used for pathways or driveways.

recycled gravel, aggreagate, asphalt, concrete

Recycled Concrete/Asphalt


 Reprocessed pavement containing asphalt and aggregates. A popular product for those looking for a cost-effective alternative to road base. As it may be obtained from any number of sources, quality may vary.

soil delivery available in Lake Cowichan, Nanaimo and Victoria


All of our bulk products are available for delivery to both residential and commercial customers.

Our fleet of single and tandem axle dump trucks can haul aggregate and landscaping materials into any job site with ease at competitive rates.


All of our operators and drivers are in constant contact with our dispatch for time and cost efficient practices.

Call us for a quote!

animal bedding available in Lake Cowichan, Nanaimo and Victoria

Animal Bedding Supply

MacNutt has been supporting BC's agricultural and equestrian communities since the 1940's; offering bulk delivery and a consistent supply of organic, fir-based bedding and outdoor ground coverings. 

Local farmers are essential to the growth and health of our communities. We take great pride in our contribution to this vital industry.


As trusted supplier of agronomy materials for decades, we strive to provide top-quality products along with excellent customer service.

We supply a variety of fir-based farm bedding and paddock materials to meet our customers unique animal husbandry needs – for poultry, dairy, equestrian, etc.

Delivery is available in bulk push-out trucks, placing product directly into your barns, paddocks, and other areas. 

Call us today for more info! 

Victoria 250-479-6560 | Nanaimo 250-714-1112

Bin Truck Services

Delivered and removed promptly, at competitive rates in your area.

A Roll Off Bin is a perfect solution for safely consolidating and then transporting materials for disposal such as construction waste, wood, organics, metals, household clean up or landscaping debris.​We offer 20, 30, and 40-yard roll off bins.​Loading a bin is easy. You can load it from the top or open the back door for easy loading.​ We can haul your disposal materials to our yard or to any location on Vancouver Island!

roll off bin trucks available in Lake Cowichan, Nanaimo and Victoria
Slinger Truck, available in Lake Cowichan, Nanaimo and Victoria

Slinger Services

Slinger trucks are commonly used for projects requiring precision placement of materials in hard-to-reach areas, such as over fences, down steep slopes, and on the inside and outside of foundations. Places a normal dump truck could not access.

Slingers accurately launch streams of aggregates or soil at high speeds from a hopper body into a specified location.


Our operators use a radio-remote-controlled variable-speed conveyor belt system that can rotate in any direction to dump, spread, or ‘throw’ aggregate up to 100 feet away from the truck.


Volume Calculator

If you are unsure of how much material your project requires, this tool can help.

Bulk material is ordered by the cubic yard (27 cubic feet), so please enter values in feet and inches.

This calculation represents an approximation of the material required. Usually it is best to round up to the nearest yard. Totals obtained using this calculator are not guaranteed, please contact us for an estimation of your project requirements.

**Please note, resulting calculated volumes do not take into consideration compaction over time**



We have three locations on Vancouver Island, making our services both convenient and accessible.


Operating for generations in sunny Saanich, our Victoria location is one of the oldest soil manufacturers on Vancouver Island.


While operating a bustling soil yard, we process high volumes of soil materials at this location. As with all of our locations, we accept fill and green waste materials for recycling and composting.


Our Nanaimo yard carries all of the same quality products you've come to expect from MacNutt. Available for pick up or delivery, our office and yard staff will be happy to help you.

In Nanaimo, we process local green waste and industrial wood by-products for reuse, ensuring that our natural resources are kept on the island and used to their full potential.

Proudly the largest bark mulch and compost processing facility on Vancouver Island.


Located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, we're proudly operating as the largest aggregate manufacturer on the north island. 

At our Cowichan yard, we make great efforts to produce high-quality aggregate products. In this yard, we accept and recycle hardscaping debris, such as concrete and asphalt, as well as fill and garden waste materials.  

Between our three locations, you will find all of the same great services, offered locally, saving you both time and money.

Locations- Cowichan

Hours of Operation


VICTORIA 250 479 6560

NANAIMO 250 714 1112

COWICHAN 250-749-4067


Contact Us


1410 Alan RD, Victoria, BC


1800 School House RD, Nanaimo, BC


8800 North Shore RD, Cowichan, BC


Monday - Saturday 7:00am - 4:00pm


Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday CLOSED


Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4pm

Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

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